Thesis Projects

The project listed below are realistic and interesting tentative project, but you are always welcome to discuss possible changes or to suggest new ideas.

Master Thesis
  1. Linear and nonlinear terahertz spectroscopy of quantum materials
  2. Implementation of a frequency-resolved optical gating (FROG) setup for characterization of femtosecond optical pulses

Bachelor Thesis
  1. Investigating magnetism of nanomaterials with the magneto-optical Kerr and Faraday effects
  2. Terahertz spectroscopy studies in quantum and nano materials

Completed Bachelor Thesis
  1. Rebecca Elovsson, Terahertz spectroscopy of biological matter, August 2018
  2. Markus Tollet, Implementation of an autocorrelator setup for characterization of femtosecond optical pulses, June 2018
  3. Anders Törnblom, Femtosecond laser-induced damage in living cells, June 2017
  4. Sara Kullström, X-ray reflectivity measurements on thin multi-layer films: a numerical and experimental study, June 2017
  5. Stefan Sigurdsson, Implementing a MOKE magnetometer, December 2017