Grading Criteria


Examination: Written examination contains 5 questions. Maximum score is 20 points, 12 points are required to pass the course (this includes assignments). Full details of the grading scheme are found here.
Allowed materials in the exam: Course book (Quantum Optics by Mark Fox), Physics handbook and a Calculator.

Laboratories:All laboratory reports and demonstrations must be carried out and approved to obtain points and for successful completion of the course.

Assignments: 4 assignments will be handed out, which are general applications of the previously completed section of the course. Homework problems must be submitted for correction after about a week. Credit for the assignments (max. 1 point per assignment) is added to the exam results.

In Class Exercises: Exercise questions will be handed out at the end of lectures. Students are encouraged to try to solve those questions before the next lecture, where the solutions will be given on the black board.

Requirements for the solution of submission problems:

1. used symbols must be explained properly and right set of equations should be used.

2. Solutions of equations and calculations must not be clear so that they are not difficult to follow.

3. Figures should be clear and well-described.

4. For each problem, the answer should be clear, the number value figures should correspond to the value figures given in the text and the proper units must be specified.