Laboratory Information

Lab List for students:

Laboratory Session 1 on Geometrical Optics.

Laboratory Session 2 on Fourier Analysis.

Laboratory Session 3 on Interference and Diffraction.

Laboratory Session 4 on Polarisation.

Lab. Grading Criteria:
1. Each lab report can get a grade 5, 4, 3, 2, or not passed.
2. 5 points will be given if all the mandatory and optional questions are answered with the first submission of the report.
3. Successfully answering all the mandatory questions with the first submission, will lead to 3 points.
4. Successfully answering all the mandatory questions with the resubmissions, will lead to 2 points.
5. Only those optional questions are considered for grading which are answered in the first submission and in all later versions/submissions only mandatory question will be graded.
6. To pass the course, all of the mandatory questions, in every lab, should be answered within the allowed number of resubmissions and in the worst case this will lead to 2 points for every lab.

Fysikum Rules for Lab. Reports:
1. A student must submit his lab report within two weeks after the corresponding lab session.
2. If a report is not approved, the student has the right to submit an improved version of the report.
3. The maximum allowed number of submitted versions is 4 for each lab.
(If a student misses the deadline for the first submission, it will count as one submission and the student will have three possible resubmissions left).
4. If the last version (according to rules 2 and 3 above) is not accepted the lab must be repeated, in its entirety, later when the coursewill be offered again.
5. The first versions of the reports, which are submitted in time to the lab assistant, will be corrected and return to the student within two weeks after the deadline. It should apparent if the report is approved or not and where appropriate, the ratings (or other assessment/scoring)will be given to the work.
7. Later versions will be corrected within three weeks after their submissions.

The final dates (2015) of submission for each lab are as follows:

Geometrical Optics: Monday, 20.04, 24:00, submit by email to Ashraf.

Fourier Lab: Wednesday, 29.04, 24:00, submit by email to Alley.

Interference and Diffraction: Friday, 08.05, 24:00, submit by email to Alley.

Polarization: Tuesday, 12.05, 24:00, submit by email to Alley.

Any exception to these deadlines can only be made by the course-in-charge.

If you have any questions/doubts about writing the lab reports, please ask the person the reports need to be submitted to.

The ultimate deadline for the submission of all reports is 6 months after the course's regular examination.