Objectives of the course
This is a course on Waves and Optics. The topics covered will be geometrical optics and optical instrumentation, Waves and Wave phenomena- interference, diffraction and polarization and fourier analysis. In addition there are also four laboratory sessions. Tutorials will be held to complement the lectures and assist in problem solving.

Course Syllabus
Here is a list of chapters that we plan to cover from Pedrotti.

·     Some prior knowledge of introductory physics, linear algebra (matrices) and elementary calculus will be assumed.

Course Material
·      Textbook: Introduction to Optics , Third Edition by Pedrotti, Pedrotti and Pedrotti, Addison Wesley, 2007

·      Introduktion till Fourieranalys: Gunnar Edvinsson (Kompendium)

·     Lecture notes: The lecture notes and assignments will be put on the web

·     Additional material will be provided on-line