Waves and Optics (Vågrörelselära och Optik)
FK4009, 10.5 högskolepoäng

This course deals with basic yet important phenomena in general wave theory and classical optics. Some of the topics that would be covered in this course include study of General wave theory, wave equation, Transverse and longitudinal waves, Fourier analysis of periodic processes, Mechanical waves, Plane electromagnetic wave solution to Maxwell's equations. Additionally, other concepts include dipole-dipole interactions, dipole radiations, Light reflection, refraction and dispersion.

Study of Geometrical optics is also a vital part of the course and covers not only theoretical aspects but also applications to some optical instruments as well. Other parts of the course include Fresnel formulas, Polarization, Interference, Diffraction, Gratings and wavelength measurements.

Latest News:

Past Exams
from 2013 nd 2014 have been added in the 'Past Exams' section with their solutions.

For R1: Tutorial 5 is moved from the 28th of April to the 29th of April 13:15-16:00 in FB42. It will be held by Emma.

Typo fixed
in the instructions for Polarisation lab, Task 4.3 (Brewster angle), point 6. The instructions on this point are now complete and updated.

Course starts on Tuesday, March 17th, 2015.

Note: Fourier Compendium is Available in the Additional Material tab.